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Aletheia Christian Academy is fully accredited through the Association of Christian Schools International.  This rigorous accreditation is accepted by SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) and enables credits earned by Aletheia students to be fully accepted and transferrable to other schools and colleges.

ACSI’s goal is to enhance the spiritual and academic effectiveness of Christian schools through programs, materials, and services. This includes consulting with schools and providing legal assistance, accrediting schools, and certification of teachers and administrators, Standford Achievement Testing, professional development, professional conferences, publications and higher education services.

ACSI accreditation is a process—a self-study and analysis, a comparison to established standards, an assessment of a school’s mission, a commitment to quality education, and a willingness to be accountable. Christian schools can use all of these components of the process to reach toward their goal of excellence in education.  The ACSI accreditation programs are for preschool, elementary, and secondary schools. Recognized at the national level as well as by many regional and state accrediting agencies, these programs provide a comprehensive evaluation model for Christian schools. The ACSI accreditation program was one of the first programs to be officially recognized by the National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA).

Here is what one administrator has said about ACSI accreditation:

”I cannot think of any action taken by a school that produces more total school benefit than the decision to attain accredited status. Curriculum quality is strengthened, school policies are refined, student achievement enhanced, and future directions strengthened. Without accreditation the attainment of overall excellence for a Christian school is difficult.“

Student Achievement

In order to more accurately measure the success of our academic program, our students are given standardized tests annually.  This year, our Kindergarten through 9th grade students will be taking the NWEA MAP test, an online adaptive test that gives teachers and students a lot of feedback on students' strengths and weaknesses. It is a short test and will be administered in the fall, winter, and spring in order to show student growth throughout the year. The PSAT is administered to our 10th and 11th graders annually, and 12th grade students are required to take either the SAT or ACT before graduation.

Our standarized test scores show consistent achievement well above the national average, and above other ACSI accredited schools.  Test results are evaluated by subject and student in order to find ways to improve instructional strategies.