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VPK Registration Checklist

VPK Registration Checklist

Step 1. Parents are requested to fill out an Aletheia Parent Application and return it with documentation showing proof of birth and Florida residency. This application can be requested from Aletheia's school office.

Step 2. Apply to the Early Learning Coalition online at

Step 3. You will receive an email giving you your Certificate of Eligibility (COE). You will print that out and bring it to Aletheia to finalize the enrollment process.  Please verify that the certificate is issued by the ELC of Escambia.  If it is issued from Santa Rosa County, you will need to request a transfer certificate to Escambia County to enroll at Aletheia.  Make sure that you sign and date boxes 24 and 26 in Section II.

Step 4. Complete the VPK Registration Form and turn it in to Aletheia’s office.  Make sure to circle the dates that you will be requiring fee-based services after normal VPK hours.  Please see VPK Optional Fee-Based Services for listing of fees for Wrap Around charges or After-School Care.  These fees can be found under "Admissions" and "Tuition and Fees."

Step 5. Sign the VPK Attendance Policy Agreement and turn it in to Aletheia’s office.

Step 6. Here, we will enter into a VPK contract with you and sign the document as your provider.

Step 7. Aletheia Christian Academy will then submit the contract to the Early Learning Coalition here in Escambia County. The final approval of the child’s application will be authorized by the state upon Aletheia’s signing of the provider contract with the Early Learning Coalition. This will take place in late July.

Note: Once this formality has taken place, Aletheia will be your official provider for VPK.

  • Parent Application

    Please contact our office to receive a parent application for Aletheia.

  • All families enrolling their children in Aletheia's VPK should fill out the VPK registration form, in addition to the parent application.  Please be sure to circle the dates/times your child will be enrolling, and also choose any optional fee-based services that you will be using.

  • Please read and sign the VPK Attendance Policy Agreement and turn it in with your application.