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Student Government

2023-2024 Student Government Association



7th Grade:
8th Grade:
9th Grade:
10th Grade:
11th Grade:
12th Grade:
Britain Wheeler
Lana Davis
Fabio Fernandes
Violet Martin
Shelby Carmack
Callie Wipf
Noah Wheeler
Carsen Simmons & Natalie Stinson
Jenava Pereira
Owen Hagler & Braden Roberts
Riley Glazier & Tanner DeStafney



The Student Government Association is elected every year and includes representatives from each middle/high school class.  The officers must be nominated by the faculty, and if they accept the nomination they present a speech to the school body before elections take place.

Our SGA advisor, Mrs. Jennifer Dobson, regularly meets with the group to plan important school events, such as the annual Spiritual Conference.  The Spiritual Conference is a two-day event that is entirely student led.  This special event is held off campus, and every year it has been a time that God has blessed with personal and corporate growth.

The SGA holds sales such as Candy Cane sales during the Christmas season and the "Three C's" (candy, card, and carnation) sale during Valentine's in order to raise funds for the school events.  They also sponsor the annual high school canoe trip, which is a day loved by all! 

A school-wide favorite sponsored by the SGA is Spirit Week, when students dress according to different themes each day.  They get quite creative!

60s Day