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Student Leadership

Student Leadership University

Our students have been blessed to have participated in recent years in Student Leadership University’s programs.

The vision of SLU is one that is optimistically looking forward towards the goal of empowering, enabling, and equipping students around the globe to rise to the call of leadership, along with training students to be able to adequately respond to the challenges presented by today’s culture.  Like Aletheia, they wish to train up tomorrow’s leaders to be passionate about Jesus Christ and to live in truth.

SLU101 is held in Orlando, Florida, and is patterned after Fortune 500 leadership seminars.  It challenges students to improve their leadership skills, expand their faith, and learn about Christian worldview.  SLU 201 is held in Washington, D.C.  It gives students an in-depth look at the foundation of our country, its history and beliefs.  Besides meaningful visits to monuments and museums, students participate in events such as breakfast with the National Press Club, Congressional receptions, and seminars led by leaders of today.

We have sent students to SLU301, which is held in Europe and France.  Students who attend are exposed to history in a new way as they experience such places as the beaches of Normandy, Stonehenge, museums, and Christ Church.