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ACA offers girls in grades 7-12 the sports of volleyball, softball, basketball, running club, and cheerleading. Boys in grades 7-12 can choose from the sports of running club, soccer, basketball, and baseball. 5th-6th graders may choose to play baseball or basketball. A student must maintain the academic and conduct requirements set by the school and state guidelines and regulations to participate. A student must be in school by 10:30 A.M. in order to participate in any extra-curricular activity that day unless he/she is attending a scheduled appointment. A student who is absent from school may not participate in a game or practice on that day.

Students who are interested in playing a particular sport will be able to sign up on the coach's door and will be contacted regarding tryouts, practice schedules, and game schedules.  All game times and dates will be posted onto our google calendar and any date or time changes will be reflected there.  Students are encouraged to check the calendar periodically to note any changes.

Athletic Gear and PE Uniforms

Please use the following link to order PE uniforms or athletic gear:

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