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We thank you for taking the time to look into Aletheia. We are a unique, Christian discipleship school seeking to equip leaders of tomorrow socially, spiritually, and educationally. We invite you to make an appointment for a personal tour. We are now accepting applications for 2014-2015!

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Welcome to Aletheia Christian Academy!

We are glad that you have taken the time to look into Aletheia. We are blessed to have served many families in Pensacola since opening in 1992.

We adopt the Biblical position that the education of children is primarily the responsibility of the parents. However, we are told in Ecclesiastes 4:12 that “…a cord of three strands is not quickly broken…” We believe that the three strands of the Home, the Church, and the School can impact a young person’s life and keep him walking in the way that leads to righteousness. We, therefore, endeavor to be an extension of the Christian home and a tool for enhancing the spiritual, academic, social, and physical development of its students.

We are looking forward to seeing what God will do through ACA this year. We are trusting that He will use Aletheia to be a Godly influence in the lives of your children. It is our desire to walk in obedience, to sow His Word, and to trust Him for the growth.

Improved Security Installed

Due to God’s provision and the generosity of one of our parents, we were able to install a new door locking system for the front office door.  This new system will allow us to keep the front office door locked during the school day and the secretary will need to “buzz in” people who come to her door when the system is activated.  In order to be allowed entrance, you will need to press the silver button on the outside console to let the secretary know you are there so she can let you in.  The outside console also includes an intercom system so she can communicate with whomever is outside, and a camera so she can see who is there.  This security upgrade comes after upgrading the rear school door system with a security keypad to guard the rear of our building.  We are very grateful to God for His provision!

Congratulations to our Spelling Bee Champs and Math Olympians!

The following students placed in the ACSI District Spelling Bee:
1st Grade — Deacon Rowell 1st
2nd Grade — Riley Glazier 2nd; Hana Hazbun 3rd
3rd Grade — Chloe Skaggs 3rd
4th Grade — Caleb Glazier 1st; Valentino Valarezo 4th
5th Grade — J.T. Semple 1st; Will Mitchell 2nd
6th Grade — George Semple 1st; Tessa Walsingham 4th
7th Grade — Alicia Blackowiak 2nd; Zachary
8th Grade — Alyssa DePury 1st

In addition, we had several students place in the Final Round against 5th-8th Graders. George Semple came in 2nd place in the final round, Zachary Anderson came in 3rd place, and J.T. Semple came in 4th place in the final round. We are so proud of our excellent spellers!

The following students placed in the ACSI District Math Olympics:

3rd Grade — Ethan Wehmeier 1st in Reasoning, Chloe Skaggs 3rd in Computation

4th Grade — Caleb Glazier and Westin Snyder tied for 1st in Reasoning, with Valentino Valarezo coming in a close 2nd. Connor Ferguson was 1st in Computation, followed closely by Wendy Mitchell, who came in 2nd.

5th Grade — Will Mitchell came in 1st and J.T. Semple came in 4th in Reasoning, while Jackson Alumbaugh came in 4th and Dain Pappal came in 5th in Computation.

6th Grade — In Reasoning, Harrison Brown was 1st, George Semple was 2nd, and Austin Firestone was 3rd place. In Computation, Hannah Metz came in 4th place.

7th Grade — Jarick Pappal was 2nd in Reasoning, followed by Alicia Blackowiak in 3rd and Evans Snyder in 4th place. In Computation, Colbry Hansen came in 2nd and Zachary Anderson was 3rd place.

8th Grade — Mitchell Brown won 2nd place and Joshua Brinson was 5th place in Reasoning, while Hunter Rogers came in 3rd place for Computation.

What a great showing for Aletheia! Good job, students!! We are so proud.

Yearbooks on Sale NOW.

Purchase your 2013-2014 yearbook NOW online by clicking here. Yearbooks are now $40 each, but the price will not stay this low for long, so this is the time to get yours!  You may set up multiple payments to pay for your yearbook order if you do not want to pay all of it up front.  Don’t delay — order yours today!

Click here for an order form if you’d like to pay by check or cash.  Turn in the form and payment to the front office.

Cardus Study and ACSI’s Response

The purpose of the Cardus Education Survey (CES) was to determine if Christian schools were meeting the goals they have set in the areas of spiritual formation, cultural engagement and academic excellence.  The results were compiled from surveying a large number of graduates of public schools, home-schooling, Catholic schools, Protestant schools, and non-religious private schools.  Administrators from Protestant and Catholic schools were also surveyed.  The CES highlighted the many positive outcomes of Christian schooling, while also pointing out areas where improvement is needed.

Below are links to the CES, an article from Christian School Comment called “The Christian School Difference,”  and to the Association of Christian Schools International’s (ACSI) response to the CES.  ACSI is Aletheia’s accrediting agency.

If you would like to purchase the Cardus Study, you may find it at this website:

The Christian School Difference

ACSI’s Response to the Cardus Study


Redbird CD Sale (for download)

If you would like to purchase Redbird, the newest release CD from Warren Barfield, please click on the picture at left.  You will be directed to to complete your download for $10.  Aletheia will share in 50% of the profits to go towards our ACA Scholarship Fund.  Tell friends and neighbors about this sale!  You will be blessed.


RenWeb School Management

Aletheia uses RenWeb as our school management software.  This program enables parents and students to access real-time information such as attendance, grades, assignments, discipline issues, report cards, and contact information.

How do I log in the first time?

Before you log in to RenWeb, you must provide the school with a current email address.

  • From the school website, click the “RenWeb Login” link at the bottom of the page.
  • Click the “First Time Users” tab and type in your email address.
  • If you are logging in as a parent, click “New Parent Login”; click “New Student Login” if you are a student.
  • A new password will be emailed to your email address.
  • Go back to the RenWeb login page through the school website, click the “Parents” or “Students” tab, and enter your email address and password. Click “Login.”  You may change your password to one that you will easily remember after your initial login.
  • Our school code is ACA-FL

Parent Connection

RenWeb Parent Login

RenWeb Parent Login

We are pleased to now offer real-time access to grades, conduct, attendance, and other important information.

EdVantage Shopping Program

EdVantage Shopping Program

EdVantage offers you great savings and helps our school, too!

Good Search

Good Search

Use GoodShop to find coupons and discounts at more than 1,000 stores. Up to 30% of every purchase will also go to ACA!

Latest News

Increased School Security

Increased School Security

If you would like to contribute to our school's efforts to increase school safety, please note "School Security" on the memo of your check and it will be applied for this purpose. We plan to continue to make this issue a priority, and have already installed additional equipment to control access to the back of our school building. Thanks for your support!

Annual Fund

Annual Fund

Aletheia continues to accept donations for our Annual Fund. Funds received through the Annual Fund are generally used for teacher bonuses, technology needs, and for other important school needs or improvements. Please check out the details under "Giving." Thank you for taking part in our ministry and blessing the Lord through your support!

Financial Aid

Financial Aid

ACA makes use of FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment to help us evaluate requests for financial aid. If you would like to complete an application online, you may go to

Student Life

RenWeb Student Login

RenWeb Student Login

Students, login for the latest news from your teachers, grading information, lesson plans, and homework.



Students, check out Student Leadership University for exciting programs for next year!

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ACA Facebook

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